Sunday, January 24, 2016


Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to live inside of a tree.  Growing up on a century farm there were a lot of big trees.  In the wood there were fallen trees but none of them was ever large enough to make a little space inside.  How wonderful that would be.  I can think of no other way of being so close to nature than living inside of a tree.

The next best thing would be to live up in a tree or high amongst them.  These would be my perfect tree dwellings.  Rambling, weathered, perfect.

Since I am pretty sure I cannot talk my husband into building one of those I think I may be able to convince him that a  small one room tree dwelling would be just perfect at the top of our farm property.  Sitting up in the trees, lots of windows, a getaway without going away, the perfect summer hideaway.

Can you imagine waking up with the sun shining all around you.  The birds singing , maybe even from inside of your tree sanctuary.

Oh it will be bliss.  Our Bohemian Nest.  Living with the earth below and the sky above.  Floating amongst the trees.

Maybe a little porch to eat on in the warmth of the summer solstice.  Yes, a tree dweller that is what I want to be, now I just have to convince my love that he would be a fabulous tree dweller and he would not have to travel to get there.


  1. Wow!!!! That would be really neat living in a tree house.Blessings Francine.

  2. Hope that your dream will come true Sue! Deb xo