Sunday, December 18, 2016


It is only one week away, Christmas!  As usual it sneaks up on us after the first week of December passes.

Although I have had my house decorated inside since the end of November I still love to find new ideas and I do change things up even in the last weeks of December.

Today I thought we could see some very nice window and kitchen ideas.  I love the little paper reindeer its this window.

These are are so simple and lovely.  Use water based art paint for the LET IT SNOW and paper snowflakes adorn the next festive window.

I love to do up the kitchen windows  I have red lit paper stars in mine.  This is beautiful.  how easy, a stick suspended with rope and white lights then some little simple decorations...gorgeous!

If you have not decorated your kitchen do it this year.  You spend a lot of time in there so why not make it a festive room.  Some stars, lights, greenery and twinkle will bring your kitchen to Christmas life.

A little red, some wreaths an even gingerbread make all the difference in the lovely kitchens.  Display you holiday dishes , my shelves are brimming with them and I just love it.

Nature, nature, nature!  Bring the outside in for some real rustic festive warmth.  Potted trees, living wreaths and twigs is all you need to have a happy holiday kitchen.

So why not bring some holly jolly to your kitchen, there is still plenty of time until Christmas.  Think how nice it will be basting that turkey or decorating those cookies with a happy holiday kitchen surrounding you.

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