Sunday, January 31, 2016


I came across these adorable vintage Valentine photos today.  I do not know if they were taken just for family Valentines or for sale purposes but they are adorable.

Love this one, I would like to wear this cute outfit for Valentine's Day, adore the hat!

How cut are these.  Sweethearts getting their photos done to express their love.

What better way to ask your honey to Be Your Valentine.

The little cupid photos were very popular.  I really like they way they coloured the black and white photos back then.

Oh how cute!  I just love those chubby little hands and that sweetie dressed all grown up with that huge bouquet of flowers.

Even celebrity kids got in the act.  Remember Spanky and Our Gang.  Before my time but I have seen the reruns.

I just adore this one I think it is my favourite.  Those balloons.  I am thinking of dressing my babies up as little cherubs....well, we'll see how that goes!

Friday, January 29, 2016


A century home in a neighbouring town was demolished last week to make way for a Lowes Store.  This was one of the homes of the original settlers of the town and because there were 3 other homes from the same family it was not designated as a Heritage Home and even though the developer promised to move it , it came down.  That just broke my heart.

Unfortunately this happens more often than not.  Instead of rescuing these magnificent structures it is easier and cheaper to destroy them.

When I pass an abandoned home ( I hate that word, it means unwanted, neglected, of no use) I do not see the crumbling facade, broken windows and overgrown property.

I see the life that was.  The families who grew up there, the happiness that once was.  The children who played in the yard and ran up the stairs when called for dinner.  The evening spent sitting on the porch watching the sunset.  The love that vibrated from within the walls of these amazing homes.  It always makes me so sad to see these homes.  They still stand tall and elegant, refusing to fall on their own, waiting for someone to bring the life back within their walls.

We have lovingly restored our 240 year old farmhouse and I swear she smiles at us everytime we do something to improve her.  When we bought her the people who put in an offer after ours were going to tear her down.

The next time you pass one of these magestic homes don't look at it like an old abandoned house look at it like the beautiful home it was and with a little love could still be.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Thought I would brighten up your day with some absolutely yummmmm cakes.  Some impressively decorated others so easy you will want to make them today.  Like this scrumpcious Strawberries and Cream cake for THE KITCHEN MCCABE complete with little cupcaes just in case you run out of cake.

If  you are feeling ambitious, here are a couple of showstoppers.  Can you imagine going to a Tea Party and these on the table, I would not want to eat them , well maybe just a piece.

And these!  That dress is the most beautiful cake I have ever seen.  The French apartment is incredible and would I love to make the ship for my hubbies birthday, I won't ,but it would be amazing.

This VANNILA RASPBERRY CAKE form SOUL KITCHEN blog is mouthwatering, now this I could make.

This NO BAKE STRAWBERRY CAKE form RINCON CONCINA blog is the kind of thing my Great Grandmother made in the summers.  Easy, no fuss and simply delicious.

These adorable ROSE CUPCAKES from THE VELVETEEN BAKER are so pretty I am going to try this technique this weekend.

I will leave you with this delectable vision in chocolate and vanilla.  My birthday is in April and I am making myself this!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016


Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away so I have decided to do a Blog Blitz.  I will be blogging about all kinds of Valentine desserts, gifts, crafts and traditions until the big day.  Love this cake!

I think that Valentine desserts are my favourite of all the seasons.  I love the red and white and I adore anything with hearts.  You can make a simple cupcake with candy hearts or get elaborate and make a real show stopper.

I am kind of into mini cakes right now.  These CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRY CAKES from SUGAR HERO BLOG  are gorgeous and actually quite easy.  Stop over this is a delicious blog.

Look at this!  the LOVE IS ALL AROUND CAKE ROLL from CLEOBUTTERA BLOG is so pretty.  Pop over for directions on how to make this beauty.

How about some cute cookies?  These are little pieces of art but you can ice some heart shaped cookies and glitter them which is really quite lovely.

Now this cake you may not believe but it is the simpliest most delicious thing you will ever make!  I have been making this for years in one form or another.  It was a dessert I had as a child and trust me you will not be sorry if you try this one.  If you don't want to make it in cake form you can layer it in a pan and decorate the top.  This whole sinfully delicious creation consists of Christie Chocolate Wafer Cookies and Whipping Cream, that is it, then of course, the decorations.

For instuctions to make this amazingly scrumpcious dessert go to SWEET AND CRUNCHY BLOG. This is a must try.

So this is day one.  I am very excited to share all of the incredible ideas I have found and have used in the past with you.  Hope you like them!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to live inside of a tree.  Growing up on a century farm there were a lot of big trees.  In the wood there were fallen trees but none of them was ever large enough to make a little space inside.  How wonderful that would be.  I can think of no other way of being so close to nature than living inside of a tree.

The next best thing would be to live up in a tree or high amongst them.  These would be my perfect tree dwellings.  Rambling, weathered, perfect.

Since I am pretty sure I cannot talk my husband into building one of those I think I may be able to convince him that a  small one room tree dwelling would be just perfect at the top of our farm property.  Sitting up in the trees, lots of windows, a getaway without going away, the perfect summer hideaway.

Can you imagine waking up with the sun shining all around you.  The birds singing , maybe even from inside of your tree sanctuary.

Oh it will be bliss.  Our Bohemian Nest.  Living with the earth below and the sky above.  Floating amongst the trees.

Maybe a little porch to eat on in the warmth of the summer solstice.  Yes, a tree dweller that is what I want to be, now I just have to convince my love that he would be a fabulous tree dweller and he would not have to travel to get there.