Friday, January 29, 2016


A century home in a neighbouring town was demolished last week to make way for a Lowes Store.  This was one of the homes of the original settlers of the town and because there were 3 other homes from the same family it was not designated as a Heritage Home and even though the developer promised to move it , it came down.  That just broke my heart.

Unfortunately this happens more often than not.  Instead of rescuing these magnificent structures it is easier and cheaper to destroy them.

When I pass an abandoned home ( I hate that word, it means unwanted, neglected, of no use) I do not see the crumbling facade, broken windows and overgrown property.

I see the life that was.  The families who grew up there, the happiness that once was.  The children who played in the yard and ran up the stairs when called for dinner.  The evening spent sitting on the porch watching the sunset.  The love that vibrated from within the walls of these amazing homes.  It always makes me so sad to see these homes.  They still stand tall and elegant, refusing to fall on their own, waiting for someone to bring the life back within their walls.

We have lovingly restored our 240 year old farmhouse and I swear she smiles at us everytime we do something to improve her.  When we bought her the people who put in an offer after ours were going to tear her down.

The next time you pass one of these magestic homes don't look at it like an old abandoned house look at it like the beautiful home it was and with a little love could still be.

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  1. So very sad, so much history and love within those old walls, give me a heritage home any day of the week over the cookie cutter crud they call architecture these days :O(