Monday, January 23, 2017


It has been dull, wet and windy the past few days here in Ontario.  I am not complaining ( well maybe a bit) because there is no snow.  I know that I am jumping the gun a bit but I smell Spring coming out of the earth so is it really that far behind?

I was out yesterday for a bit, came back early because of the fog, but on my drive home to the farm I saw a farmer's field already inches high with Spring crop.  I am not sure what it was but it was both exciting and disturbing to me.  I want Spring but it is January so anything popping up it's little head now will surely die off if we get frost.

But, I do look forward to the Spring babies, tulips and daffodils, laundry blowing in the breeze and of course the fragrant lilacs wafting through the bedroom window from the lovely old lilac bushes in front of our house.

I was shopping on the weekend and of course the stores are brimming with Valentine's cards and gifts but I saw something else there too.

Shelves overflowing with Easter things!  Come on, it really is pushing it a bit don't you think.  Easter is on April 16th. almost 3 months away.  I just finished packing away Christmas so this was a shock.  I do not think I have ever seen Easter promoted so early.

Well, I will hold off preparing for Easter, I am getting ready for Valentine's day and keeping my fingers crossed for an early Spring.

Have a Happy Monday everyone and don't forget it is MEAT FREE MONDAY so why not visit the site and try one day without meat you may make it a tradition!

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  1. You can buy Easter stuff from the day after Christmas here in some places. It's ridiculous, especially since over here we have not only Valentine's Day, but also Mother's Day before Easter (Mother's Day over here isn't in May like it is for you in Canada). Personally, I don't start thinking about either Mother's Day or Easter until after Valentine's Day.

    We've not had as much rain so far this Winter as we usually get. Not that I'm complaining. Most of January has been cold but sunny and dry. We did get a bit of snow recently though, which was exciting. Well, exciting to people like me, who love snow but don't get to see much of it.