Sunday, February 5, 2017


I came across the gorgeous photo when I was on Pinterest the other day.  They are so striking I just had to do a post about them.

The photos were done for a photoshoot for a Makeup Magazine.  Traditional Ukraine Wreath Headdresses were made of tightly wound paper.  The colour of these pieces are breathtaking.

The stunning makeup is done by makeup artist BEATA BOJBA.  She is truly an artist who has used these lovely women's faces as a canvas.  The photographer is  ULA KOSKA and what a magical job she did.

When I saw these beautiful faces with these breathtaking Headdresses I thought how I could live in a tribe like that.  I would love to wear these clothes and headdresses and how I would absolutely want to paint my face that way.  I think these are just incredibly beautiful.

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