Friday, February 3, 2017


I am an artist.  I work in many mediums.  I paint, sew, create primitive furniture and love to try new things.  I am fortunate to have an amazing husband who can execute my building designs so I do have a lovely art studio.

Studios come in all shapes and sizes.  Not everyone has an extra room to turn into a studio or the land to build one.  These are some really fabulous studio spaces but you do not need all of this to have your own creative space.

If you love to paint and draw you can create your own storage for supplies on little shelves, hanging tins ( I have these they are from Ikea) and I love the use of the planter for brushes.

You can use a wall in a closet to make shelves to hold sewing supplies, make a space in the corner of a larger room.  I love the tiered tray and these little cupboards can be bought just about anywhere.

I bought this fantastic rolling rack from Ikea.  It is called the RASKOG and it cost under $40.00.  I use it to hold all of my trims, threads and needles for my sewing and my machine sits on top.  I was pleased to see on Pinterest that other have the same idea.  I am picking up another one I just love this.

If you have a garden shed you can turn it into a  little studio.  You can also repurpose a cupboard you may just store extra dishes in.  I love this little spot with the chalkboard.  It is a kids space but you could easily make it a small studio corner.

Here are some pictures of my studio.  I spend so much time there.  We built it attached to my husband's workshop, I love to be able to work and not have to worry about cleaning up right away. With 5 dogs I also like to be able to have a space that they can freely come in and see me throughout the day.  I am very lucky to have the land to do this.  We also use it for family functions, our son had his Alice in Wonderland wedding party there and I have hosted many Psychic Fundraisers for the Dog rescue RESCUE DOGS MATCH that I work with.

We built a little separate room in the studio for supplies.  I have lots of containers and hanging things to hold all of my bits and pieces.  The old doors were a salvage save.  I love my chandelier, another Ikea find.

Most of the furniture in the studio was salvaged from my Grandmother's barns.  I fixed chairs, used an old horse tray for a table.  I love my big blue chair, a birthday present.  I sit and relax there in between working.  The chairs in the pink monkey fabric are my favourite.  I held onto those two lovely cane chairs for years knowing one day I would have a spot for them.  I found that adorable fabric and knew it was meant for those chairs.  I also used that fabric for curtains on the bottom of the counters in the storage area.

We have lots of light in the studio.  I got the french doors for $15.00 at Habitant for Humanity.  The white stretcher table is one we made for our business 13 MOCKINGBIRDS. All of our windows, every single one, only cost $100.00 brand new!  A builder had order them for a client for an office building and they were no tinted so he did not want them and had already paid.  I was so lucky to get them, the builder was a neighbour of my sister and was happy to get rid of them.

 I picked up the drafting table on Kijiji, it is a lovely old one.  The Swedish sofa we made from another old sofa we had, I made all of the cushion, very easy.  The beautiful doors were being thrown out at Habitant for Humanity, all the glass and hardware was intact.  I got one for free and one for $5.00.

So whatever you like to create, make your own space whether big, small or a shelf on the wall.....BE CREATIVE.

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  1. What a magical place of enchantment you've created for yourself to create in! I just adore the upcycled furniture that does double duty on art art supplies: stores them; and makes them look precious while waiting to be used!
    Now...really - it's not kind to tease! Where are the photos of the Alice in Wonderland tea?!