Wednesday, February 7, 2018


It has been a very hard week for us here on the farm.  We lost Atticus just a week ago and we are all struggling to find a new normal.  Daisy, Rufus, Allie and Mr. Magoo do not understand why our big boy is not here, especially Daisy, he was like here pup.

I have not done any posting on any of my sites the past week.  Going into the studio is not even on my mind, I am actually a bit scared about that.  The last place Atticus and I spent the whole day together was on the Saturday before we lost him, he was by my side all day while I sewed.

I thought the best place to start my new normal was on my blog.  Valentine's Day is coming so  I wanted to share some pretty heart images with you.  These vintage hearts are so pretty.

Hearts appear everywhere in life.  Architecture, nature, art.  Wouldn't it be nice to use wax seals again, how romantic.  I love the hearts on this old home and the swings are divine.

Of course jewelry always is a big heart attraction, love the message in the locket.  Adorable shutters, I might make these for the playhouse.

We cannot forget candy!  Look at these little jewels.

Well, it is a start.  I hope someone out there is still looking at my blog.  Either way,, it gives me comfort to post, blogging is a good emotional outlet.

I wish you all a lovely day, hug your pets!

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