Sunday, April 17, 2011


I almost forgot, I worked all yesterday afternoon trying to figure out how make and put a button on my blog that will connect to my shop. I want to be able to put other peoples buttons on too, who are interested and have etsy shops. I tried to put the PAFA button up and cannot do that. Anyone who can help me I would appreciate it so much. I feel so dumb about this, most computer stuff I can figure out but this has me stumped.


  1. Wish I could help you. It used to be that one could go to the old Etsy Forums and ask a techie question and get instant answers but since etsy has changed the forums hardly anyone goes there anymore.

    I want to say thank you and how lovely it is to have you as a follower (I am now following your wonderful blog too). I'm sorry I didn't get over here sooner but Google blogspot was giving me trouble...I could not see or access my followers. :(

    After 4 days I finally located the problem. Google had stopped accepting my old version of Internet Explorer so today I had to update my browser and downloaded a newer version of IE. Yea, I now can see my followers again. :)

    I also think you have a really cool and unique etsy shop...thankfully you posted your blog address there as it was not included on your profile link...did you click to have it made public on you blogspot blog settings? Anyway I found your blog and that makes me happy. :D

  2. I hope this helps you out!

    1. copy the code (html) by highlighting and copying.

    2. Under design you will find add a gadget. Click on this the a list will pop up, go down to html. Click on this and a box will open up. Paste the code in this box, hit save, then on your main body of your blog hit save again. All done.

    3. The first couple are hard then you will be able to do these in your sleep!

    If you need more help get a hold of me.