Saturday, April 16, 2011



Well the weekend is here and it is a wet one. We will have rain all weekend but that's okay I have work to do for my shop. I will be adding my new garden pieces to Lucys Garden on etsy. I will show you all later. Spent the day with our lovely little grandbaby yesterday. She is so sweet I could hold her all day, I almost did! It is great having a grandbaby while I am younger because even at 12 pounds she is quite a little bundle to carry. Here is a little pillow I made for her it is one of the pillows I have at my Wicked Faerie Queen etsy shop. We have left the Alice in Wonderland figures I made for our sons wedding reciption in the yard, I think she will like that when she is a little older.

Hope wherever you are it is sunny, everyone have a nice weekend.

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  1. Love the Alice in Wonderland figures. Grandma's house will be a magical place!

    Visiting you from the Etsy Talent Hunt team :)