Thursday, April 21, 2011


This lovely old home belonged to a dear friend of ours, Prosser Robinson. Prosser lived here almost all of his life with his greenhouses and his cats. He was a great friend to all of us in the village. We lost him a few years ago and a neighbour bought his home. Recently the old siding has been stripped to reveal even older siding. I hope they will try to restore it, if not I am sad, not only for the loss of this lovely proud old lady but because our house is almost the same design and one of the last in our area Our little Stella was one of Prossers last kittens and I thing of him when I look at her..

Also, our little Stella was one of Prossers last kittens and I remember our dear friend when I look at her.


  1. What a lovely home, I hope they will restore her back to glory!

  2. Oh I hope they restore it, what a beautiful old home! Sad when they get torn down to put up some modern monstrosity, you are so lucky to live in a heritage home. Stella is a beautiful reminder of your old friend. Deb