Monday, May 16, 2011


I visited Brenda at her blog "Cozy Little House" this morning and she had posted a beautiful set of pictures of a memorial garden she had planted for her little dog. It made me think of all of the pets we have lost over the years and the amazing ones we have now. Our dogs Penny and Duffy are 13 and showing their age but still full of love and life. Our three cats Stella, Layla and Luca are a going concern and we love them all. Those of you who have visited my shop "Lucys Garden" know that it is named after my darling Lucy who I lost 4 years ago this summer. I miss you Lucy, everyday. Today I want to post some pictures of our loves and encourage all of you to do the same..I will visit my followers blogs over the next few days and anyone who comments about their pets. I have decided that today is "Share The Love Of Our Furry Family Day". Join me in this tribute of love.


  1. So very beautiful. Each of these pets looks up at the camera with love in their eyes. Because they know they too are loved.

  2. Great idea :) I miss all of our little guys. Love the pics:)

  3. Brenda, we are lovers of both cats and dogs as well. It is always amazing to me that people can love one and not the other. They both bring their own fun to a family.

    My rug "Sharing My Wool" is a rendition of our dear KirbyKat snugged down in the basket of my rug hooking wool. He is nearly 15 and declining, but the rug will always keep his spirit near and dear. Jo

  4. aww this they will be missed. reminds me of my old pets too..