Friday, July 22, 2011


Recently my friend Mina at Green Witch With Sprinkles posted about a memory of her grandmother's apron. I also posted back to her about my memories of my great-grandmother's apron. It is funny how something can send you back in a time machine when you look at it. It can be a photo, an apron, some family china or jewellery.

When I was little my grandmother had this lovely bird box she kept her best and favourite jewellery in. It meant a lot to her because most of it was from my grandfather. They met just before he went to Europe for the Second World War and he courted her long distance. He would send her little pieces of jewellery from wherever he was stationed. They married shortly after he returned home.

My grandmother always loved antique jewellery . Being in the antique business, she had the opportunity to collect some really beautiful pieces. Her favourites were Italian Melefori Beads and Amber Beads. When she left us I was lucky enough to become the keeper of her cherished pieces. One day I will give them to my granddaughter. I still have the bird box but I like to display the jewellery in a glass case so I can see it everyday. I also wear it but mostly I love to just take it out and hold it and remember her.

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