Monday, July 4, 2011


Hope you have all had and are having a lovely holiday weekend ( Happy Independance Day to my Bloggers south of my border)
Well, we went to the Mennonite Market on Saturday. I will never do that again on a holiday weekend. Literally thousands of people! I have not been in a few years, it is close to where our daughter-in-law grew up and her family still live there. They usually go on a Tuesday but we decided to go on Saturday. It was hot and not enjoyable. I snapped a pic of these poor horses that are hooked up to a type of train like carriage. They pull people to tour the actual Mennonite Village about 10 minutes away. I felt so bad for them, I am sure they are taken care of but it was so hot.

The baby did not like the heat or the crowd so we stayed about an hour and went back to my daughter-in-laws moms home. We spent a nice evening visiting and enjoying our little darling. The ride home was lovely. We drove through Cambridge, which is a gorgeous old mill town that was built by a quarry,( many of the towns in this area are) so many homes are stone. We drove through some of the old streets and I want to show you some of these fabulous homes.

This last one has an amazing glass house, little playhouse and ponds.

Then finally our quiet road home.


  1. Those stone houses are so beautiful as well as the countryside. Your photos are gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful homes! I feel sorry for those poor horses!

  3. Oh my goodness, these places make my jaw drop in awe. Such beauty and I'll bet a lot of $$ to maintain, but sure are beautiful.
    Oh yes, it is so hot and so humid, I feel for the animals outside too. A really great time to visit there is in the Fall when it's cool.

  4. Oh those poor horses look plum wore out! Too bad is was so hot and humid, I can stand the heat alone but not with the humidity. Those homes you pictured are gorgeous, my uncle is lucky enough to live in one in Quebec, stone houses are so amazing and you only seem to find them in the East. Your own quiet road looks absolutely perfect! Lucky you to live in such a beautiful countryside setting. Deb