Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I love calligraphy, especially French Calligraphy so I decided to paint some of my little wooden boxes. This is what I have done so far and I think I will stain these and then do some in a white distressed look. I found great graphics at Graphics Fairy. She has some wonderful stuff there, check it out if you haven't already ( her button is on my sidebar.)

I found this cute little mini Minnie Mouse Greenhouse in Homesense. It is perfect for my little granddaughter to start some seeds next spring. She will only be 1 but it's never to early to learn gardening.

I also want to share these fabulous clocks. They are from Timeworks and they do an amazing line of bear clocks and everything else you could want. I have several wall clocks and I was looking for this circus clock for a long time. I finally found it as a small table clock which was fine because I am running out of wall space anyway. I have a lot of clocks, maybe subconciously I am chasing time. They have a nice selection on ebay or go to their website.

Don't forget my mini Giveaway ends Wednesday at midnite and I will publish the winner on Thursday morning. And we are only 11 away from the 100 Follower Giveaway. Whoopee, I can't wait to see who wins!

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  1. What wonderful finds. I love the Minnie box and do so agree that it is never too soon to learn to garden. ;-) Have a beautiful weekend!