Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I love this time of year. The air is full of magic and wonder. The plump orb of the pumpkins dot the countryside in their fiery orange glory...or so I thought.

I have discovered many different kinds of pumpkins this season. I became obsessed with the Cinderella pumpkin which I cannot find here. My local farmers market is going to grow some next year especially for me, although it is a little for them, they are also pumpkin obsessed. I would like to share some of these colourful globes with you now. If any of you have had the pleasure of actually seeing any of them up close I would love to know if they are as impressive as their pictures.

The White or Ghost Pumpkin. This is my favourite this year and I actually have two.

Look at these beauties! The first one is a Green Jarrahale from Australia. I am not sure what the next one is but isn't it lovely.

These are blue pumpkins although I think they look more green.

There are even striped ones.

Pink, pink, pink! Oh these are so cute. The top one is from Ellsworth Hill Farms in Connectticut. And look at that gorgeous warty one, it is called a Knucklehead Lumina, I call it adorable. I am now on a mission to locate a pink pumpkin for my grandbaby for next Halloween.

This next group of luscious darlings just took my breath away.
First there is the appropriatley named "Green Goblin" . Next we have "La Estrella" and last is "The Mini Fairytale".

I save the best for last. The "Cinderella" pumpkin. Ah, can't you just see the Fairy Godmother touching this with her wand and "poof!" a coach.


  1. I adore that Cinderella coach! I bought a soft sage green pumpkin the other day and I can't wait to play with it.

    I wonder if pumpkins would grow in a pot on the patio?

  2. Loven the knucklehead , Im gourd n punkin crazy the yearly trip to the punkin farm is my fave fall outing and we are blessed to have several great ones, http://www.leedsfarm.com/, this is our fave ! Wish you lived closer you could go with !Ohio is also home to the world famous Circleville Pumpkin show going on now google it , pretty nifty Thanks for sharing your pretties and Princess would like you to know the Cinderella carriage is her fave ! have a great evening !hugs lilraggedyangie

  3. OMG had to laugh my word verif was ghstlygas lol on your page how funny

  4. Love the variety of pumpkins you've shown! The blue pumpkins just might be my favorites!


  5. Well, these are all so cool looking. I am supposing the scientist have been mixing pumpkin genes to get these breeds?? Verrry Interesting...

  6. My daughter and I were out shopping this past Friday and saw the most beautiful collection of pumpkins at Trader Joe's. I cannot make up my mind if I have a favorite type as I love them all. I think pumpkins have to be some of my favorite things. The more unusual they are the better. I especially like the Cinderella pumpkin coach.

  7. Love all the pumpkin pics. The colors and choices are amazing.

  8. I so love all the different colors of pumpkins. We found some Blue Moons here and they are more of a light blue and I thought a little green until I put up next to a green one. Love all these photos of the different kinds and colors, thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Oh your pumpkin inspirations are so cute!! Love that Cinderella one! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  10. Oh Sue, what gorgeous pumpkins! Don't you just adore this time of year? My favorite to make bread with is the gray one. I don't know the name of it but it makes the best pumpkin bread and even my husband, who is a picky eater, loves it.

    These images make me so happy!