Thursday, October 20, 2011


I visited Izzy's Acres blog just now and she is asking anyone who would like to give this beautiful horse Dandy a home. I think that passing the word may help. Please my fellow bloggers and followers copy this and post it. The more people who can get it out there the better. Let's all band together to get this lovely guy a home before it is too late.

This was her post, you can visit her blog for a clearer picture-

Home for this horse needed ASAP!!!!!
I am trying to help a friend out by getting this info out there......this beautiful boy needs a home! There is a time limit and it would be heartbreaking to see him be put down........he is FREE to the right home! Please feel free to share this info!


  1. posted on FB with plea , whats the deal? why must he go or be put down ? so sad I hope he finds a good home ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  2. What a beautiful horse! Yes, why will he be put down? Is he hurt? I'll post.

  3. Shared it on facebook! Now I can post a blog about it.

  4. Thanks for the info, my friend! Such a beautiful horse...hopefully someone will want him! ♥

  5. OMG! I so wish I could take him! I will post this on my blog when I get home from work tonight. (Yes, I am doing the no-no on the job but it will be our secret) Thank you, sweet friend.

  6. I stumbled across this horse rescue info while reading another blog:
    Friends of Horses Rescue and Adoption
    303 795-9870
    6351 S Peoria St
    Centennial CO
    No idea if they are even in the same country, but they probably have contacts with other horse rescues and might be able to suggest something in this horse's area.

  7. Hi Sue, would you happen to know if Dandy has found a home yet? Sharon at Plumrose Lane may know someone who would be interested. Please let me know thanks so much.