Thursday, November 17, 2011


Christmas stockings come in every shape, size and colour. You can buy some beautiful, unusual ones or make your own. I usually change ours every couple of years just because I love to make them. I have knit them and made them out of every material I could think of. Velvet, denim and felt. I love to work with felt, no hemming. Whether you make your own or buy them, the Christmas stocking is always what we all cannot wait to get into Christmas morning.

Red, white & green are a traditional favourite.

I love these felt ones. Felt is so easy to work with, you can make any pattern with it.

Let your imagination run wild. Stockings do not have to be traditional as shown here by Karen Hilton.

If you really want to go over the top look at these whimsical creations from Patience Brewster for Dept. 56. I love her pieces. I will do a post on Dept. 56 Christmas ornaments later.

I love Christmas stockings, making them and filling them and that is why I am giving some away in my Christmas Giveaway. I will let you know the details the beginning of next week.


  1. I love all of these! I still have my very first Christmas stalking ever. I will never get rid of it. It's so special to me.

  2. I love to work with felt, especially the wool felt. The stockings look great, love those with the pointy toes.

  3. Stockings have always been a huge favorite in our family as well. In fact, my grown kids still love them. These are amazing. I love those whimsical ones and who wouldn't love the one that looks like a witches boot? ;-)