Saturday, November 19, 2011


I am doing a double post today because I am so busy decorating I am not sure if I will get time tomorrow.

My friend Donna is new to etsy. She makes the most gorgeous tutus with wings, wands and headbands. She puts so much work into them they are little pieces of art. I know when I started on etsy how excited I would get when someone viewed my work and to have someone favour me well, that was great. If you get time stop by her shop for a visit.

Twinkle Toe Tutus on etsy.

I know I do not have it so you can click on because I cannot figure that out yet. If you do this on your blog where you can click on the name and it goes to the shop or blog please let me know how you do that. I have tried by copying from the search but it does not work. I did a link so you can click on my post title and go to Donna's shop but I cannot figure out how to put a link in the post.

Here are a few of Donna's Tutus.


  1. The tutu's are gorgeous, wish I had a girl to buy for!
    I can tell ya how to add links, I will email you if you want, so I don't take up so much space posting here. It's a bit tricky and took me a while to get it.