Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am going out to finish decorating in the studio today. Just me and Penny. It has been so upside down around here the past week with losing Duffy and trying to get some baking done that the studio was put on the back burner. I love to spend time in there in the winter with a roaring fire. We have made it a tradition to spend most of Christmas Eve day and part of the evening there with the dogs. Of course it will be very different this year. I will show you a few shots from last year and post the new pictures tomorrow.

I also keep forgetting to show you a picture of the lovely wood container I designed and my ever patient husband built for me. We used reclaimed pine from several small broken cupboards we salvaged from my grandmother's farm.


  1. LOVE your studio. It's so gorgeous. Hope you are doing better each day.

  2. What a wonderful room. And the view with the snow is gorgeous. Love it. Hope it's getting a little easier for you and your family. Can't wait to see more pictures. Have a good day.

  3. You studio is stunning! And that wood container is just amazing. What a beautiful design you created and I love that it is recycled wood from your grandmother's home. You husband did a wonderful job. Much love, Mina

  4. Your home is just beautiful, love the snow outside and that wood container is great. Hope things are easier for you.