Friday, February 17, 2012


I believe that I could do a whole week of posts on PINK. There are just so many images I adore and so many shades. I will, however, for now, just keep it to two.

I see no need for those pesty cell phones if we had one of these beauties on every corner.

When I saw this image, it made me want to go on a quest for the perfect pink telephone. I would put on my pink bunny slippers and curl up with my phone for a long chat.

As little girls we played in PINK kitchens. Fortunately some of us never grew out of our love of a PINK kitchen.

Even when it is worn out on a lovely old building, shutter or door, PINK looks luscious!

Oh, be still my heart! Could you imagine anything more romantic than this vision in PINK!

Well, perhaps this! I would have to add the PINK lanterns for an evening of romance.

Oh yes, a party in PINK.

With of course, PINK candy floss & PINK lemonade.

Pink Coca Cola cans! Where are these and why have I not heard of them!

And a PINK party dress.........I'll keep it simple.

And balloons, lots & lots of PINK balloons.

I do insist they are brought on a PINK bicycle though.

And I will have lots of PINK presents for my guests.

Oh, the joy of this delightful PINK playhouse for grown ups.

I can just imagine sitting in there on these scrumptious PINK french chairs overlooking the water while we dined on macaroons and tea, PINK of course.

I shall end my PINK POST with a Pink Princess. Marilyn Monroe said "Diamonds are a girls best friend". I think she meant PINK Diamonds!

All images in this post are thanks to the beautiful site PINTEREST.


  1. I really enjoyed your pink posts! So many beautifully pink pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh! Oh! Wow! Ok, I've got my breath back. So many delights and I was never that crazy about pink. But I Am Now! The heart shaped window was crazy awesome. The pink rug with the bunny slippers is precious. Is the pink telephone booth real? I mean are they pink like that? I've only seen them red)I like Marilyn in the pink!
    I love every single picture. Thank you for
    this post. I enjoyed it soo much.

  3. Oh, I wonder if you could help me with something. How do you get the "Links
    To This Post" underneath? Whenever I try to
    do it, it just goes to a Blog This box
    and I'm confused as to how they get there.
    If you could help me, I'd appreciate it
    very much.

  4. I love pink, and I love these pics! My favorites are the snowy pink house and the pink heart-shaped windows. so pretty!