Saturday, February 18, 2012


It is the time of year when brides-to-be are planning or putting the finishing touches on their weddings. This is when I start to put the wedding items I make into my etsy shop WICKED FAERIE QUEEN.

This season, when I was designing my ring bearer pillows, I was inspired by Vintage wedding gowns.

Such as these three from the website ANTIQUE & VINTAGE DRESS GALLERY. If you know someone who is planning a wedding and they want a gorgeous, vintage dress for a fraction of the price they should visit this website. The gowns are just breathtaking!

These are the two pillows I have just finished. I used some vintage lace, lovely old buttons and a shear ribbon.
I am very happy with the way they turned out. I wrapped each one with a stretchy strip of lace which makes it easy for little hands to slip into and not drop the rings on the day.

I just found this incredible gown, I think I see another pillow in the making!


  1. Oh, my heart! Your pillows are luscious and it makes me want to go to a wedding, can I crash a wedding if I bring one of your pillows?

  2. Your ring bearer pillows are gorgeous, makes me want to get married again!
    Those gowns! As you said, breathtaking.

  3. Love these pillows ... who says they just have to be for weddings anyway! Would look fabulous on a romantic bed. Love the pillow, but nothing would make it worth it for me to marry again.

    Love and Light and Goodness to all !

  4. Oh Sue, such absolute beauty! Your pillows are stunning and so like those gorgeous vintage gowns. Your post on famous loves was amazingly tender. I did not know about Clark Gable's loss. How tragic. And my grandmother was in love with that man to the day she died.

    I am so sorry for falling so behind, but I just haven't been feeling well and just doing more than the daily requirements can be very taxing. Sending many hugs to you. Mina