Monday, February 20, 2012


I have been in love with everything Gothic since I was a teenager. Now this is long before it became such a phenomena like it is now. I was fascinated with Vampires and creatures of the night. I soaked up the underground culture in as many books as I could find and, like Tim Burton, I devoured the old Hammer films. Christopher Lee is the only film Dracula as far as I am concerned.

I wore a long black cape, similiar to this one, and I just loved it.

I have redisovered my love of goth. With so many amazing images on PINTEREST I have found myself drawing inspiration for my work.

These images inspired some of my Wedding Pillows. I have just finished this one and put it in my Etsy Shop, WICKED FAERIE QUEEN today.

I am making a few more of these, some a little more elaborate. I think I will be making some lace & pearl pillows after that. I found this gorgeous picture today and I think I can make some really amazing pillows from this.


  1. I love the pictures you find! That black gown is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these.
    Warm Wishes,

  2. Ah Gothic in the true black eyeliner here;) Lovely gowns

  3. Beautiful..I think my future "daughter" in law would Love this..I will have to show her

  4. Oh, Gothic has always been a favorite of mine as well. There's such an old world beauty to it that speaks of immortality. Wasn't Christopher Lee was the creepiest and most intriguing Dracula! Oh girl, I think I just shuddered at the memory. ;-)

    The cape, gown, shoes and certainly the wedding pillows are stunning! You are a superb artist. I am slowly getting back here and will post the delicious giveaway I won from you this weekend, my generous friend.