Monday, February 20, 2012


I decided to start a new blog today. I love my WICKED FAERIE QUEEN and it is my main blog but I wanted to have a place to talk about my love of gardening and food so I started LUCYS GARDEN, which I named after my Etsy Shop which is named after my beloved cat Lucy. Pop over when you get time and tell me what you think.


  1. Oh, I read the story twice. I'm teary eyed and wishing that Lucy was still here with you. What an amazing story. Can you really feel here with you when you work? It was incredible to read how she curled up on your shoulder and stayed there. Our kitties seem to know when we are sick or hurt, they always curl up on our laps and stay there.
    I love your signs and Lucy's Garden is a sweet shoppe.

  2. I will definately be stopping over to follow the new blog ! I would like to ask you to stop by my blog for a visit as I have a present for you as I am giving you an award ! Have a great day ! lil raggedyangie