Saturday, April 28, 2012


Just a quick post. It is so cold and dull here today, not very nice for gardening so my husband and I were talking and decided how much we missed making furniture.

We had a business called "13 Mockingbirds" a few years ago and when it slowed down we stopped making pieces. Now that I have gotten so good at creating my blogs I decided to do one for our business and start back up again. I will be slowly adding pieces as we create them. I always loved making furniture, we combine the old with the new. We make small, large and in between.

There is not that much on there right now but if you get time stop on by and have a look at 13 MOCKIINGBIRDS new blog.


  1. I have the Lady of Shallot painting in my bedroom! I had to rush over to see what you were posting! I love these paintings! I'll follow your link, too!

  2. I've just looked at 13 Mockingbirds, you make some beautiful pieces. Husband has made some nice things for our house in the past, but these days work takes up too much time. Still we shouldn't complain, at least he has a job!