Sunday, April 29, 2012


Some of my best baking has come from a mistake. These for example.

I thought I had bought frozen puff pastry because I wanted to make some Elephant Ear Cookies which I love. When I opened it I had bought Phyllo Dough. Well, I have never had a good experience with this but I did not want to waste it so I thought I would try my version of Baklava.

Now I know that this is a difficult dessert but I had walnuts and a can of delicious Chesnut Puree I bought a while ago just to see what it tasted like. At worst it would turn out awful but it did not cost much anyway. I crushed the walnuts and put them in the puree with some butter and heated it so it would be more spreadable. Then I just started layering the Phyllo dough, four layers together, with melted butter and then the puree. I got three full layers with four layers of Phyllo inbetween. Then I baked it at 325F. for about 35 minutes. Meanwhile I remembered that Baklava has a syrup put on it so I checked the computer for a recipe. I found that you have to cut the unbaked Baklava first then when it comes out of the oven soak it with a syrup of sugar, water and honey.

I went downstairs and took out the almost baked Baklava and cut it. Now I know why you cut it unbaked because it crumbles. Well, I soaked it with they syrup when it was done. When it cooled I cut it into smaller pieces and I must say it was delicious. Not like the real Baklava but kind of a chesnut, walnuty butter tart version. Now that I have done okay with the Phyllo dough I will try the real thing but for now this was pretty good.

Now, some of you may already heard of this fantastic recipe site. I discovered it through a recipe I saw on PINTEREST. I signed into this site for some cupcake recipes and got an e-mail that I was now a member of ZIPLIST.

I have not had time to really look at it all but the way it works is you have your own RECIPE LIST and when you see the recipes you like you add them to the list. They give you a shopping list and there is something about coupons but I have not read that yet. This Crab Cake recipe looks delicous.

You get daily e-mails with some of the latest new recipes like this Asian Edamame Fried Rice.

These Fresno Potatoes are going to be eaten in my house this week. Each recipe is linked back to the source which is a great way to visit new blogs and website.

They have recipes for everything even iced coffee. I have seen many of them on PINTEREST. It is nice because the recipes are set up on a big recipe board with lovely, clear pictures. So if you get some time pop over and sign up. It is so great to have everything you need on on site. Visit ZIPLIST today.

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