Sunday, April 1, 2012


Easter is coming soon and it is time to gather the eggs for colouring and decorating. I love to do this, obviously not as much as Volker Kraft who decorates his Easter egg tree in Saalfeld, Germany every year. It takes the family around two weeks to hang the 10,000 hand painted eggs into the tree. I usually just dye a dozen or so but this Easter I have found some unique ideas for dying and decorating that are simple and fun.

These lovely colourful tea dyed eggs from THE BAREFOOT KITCHEN WITCH look so beautiful yet they are so easy. A great afternoon project for your kids. Just go to the Barefoot Kitchen Witch link for a tutorial.

THE OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC gives directions to make these simple, elegant dyed eggs. I love the natural colours.

These string eggs are a little more work but so different. You can see how to make them and the lovely Minnie Mouse Polka Dot eggs at INKSPIRED MUSINGS blog.

These Speckled Eggs are my particular favourite and the ones I think I will make this Easter. So pretty and I love the shades. You can see how the make these at SOUTHERN LIVING.

So whether you go simple or elaborate I hope you have fun dying your eggs this year and happy hunting. I am decorating for Easter today and will be showing my efforts and many more Easter ideas this week.

Stop by my blog LUCYS GARDEN today for some Easter centrepiece ideas and a great Easter Cake Recipe. Don't forget to enter my One Year Anniversary Giveaway for WICKED FAERIE QUEEN on the post link.

Images from PINTEREST. 10,000 Eggs article from MSNBC via PINTEREST.

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