Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I thought I would give you a quick update about what has been going on around the farm. Here are a couple of pictures of Rufus I usually can only get him in motion because he has become obsessed with the squirrel population. We set up the tent gazebo last week which is near the top of our property and Rufus uses it as a rest stop in between trying to climb the trees. I think the squirrels laugh at him because they seem to run around the tops of the trees a little more when he is there. I am so glad this boy has come into our lives he really keeps things animated around here and we get lots of wet kisses.

The garden is looking pretty good. I feel like everything is behind but it is just May and our growing season is a little slower. The wild violets are everywhere. The oregano looks great and my grandmothers Bleeding Heart is getting huge.

The pots are still waiting to be filled, it is a little cool at night to do that. I have cleaned most of the gardens and put out the ornaments and the furniture. We are just topping off the beds with some nice black soil. We are building some vegetable gardens on the sunny side of the house soon. I have some great heirloom tomato seeds, radishes and carrots I can't wait to plant. I will be showing the progress of that on my gardening blog LUCYS GARDEN.

I did pot up some nice Pansies because they could take the frost if we had gotten any. They have not filled out yet because our weather has still been cool but they do add some nice Spring colour.

Well I am off to visit my sweet grandbaby and help with some gardening. Fingers crossed for blue, sunny skies for a while I hope you are all having nice weather. Stop over to LUCYS GARDEN for some nice outdoor dinner seating and a great Spring recipe.


  1. Things are shaping up around your farm. I just planted my pots this week. I do so love it when you post photos of Rufus. Such a handsome guy.

  2. those are all wonderful photos!

  3. Sue, your garden is gorgeous and looks so healthy. You still have lots of time for flowers to spill over everywhere and Rufus is such a sweetheart!

    Due to the crazy weather here, some of my flowers never even put out buds and others that usually show all season are already spent. This is due to the huge temperature variances that we are getting sometimes in one day. It is just crazy. ;-)