Sunday, May 20, 2012


It has been a gloriously beautiful morning here. Perfect long weekend weather. The sun is beating down and I am going to plant some herbs today.

We were all up by 7:00 this morning and Rufus must have caught a scent of something and took off through the trees. I finally had to get him after my husband went to work and bring him in. He is so tired that he is out cold.

I have most of the gardens planted now and they are looking great. I love impatients. In our part of the country they are the one flower that thrives no matter what the weather. I fill my large pots with them and get a great show every season. Our local garden centre always features a designer plant every year. This year it is trailing vines. I put some into all of the pots. Can't wait to see what they look like.

I planted the large urn with some beautiful geraniums. Unfortunately, my front porch does not get sun so I cheat and put out silk geraniums, I just like the red against the colour of the house.

The front gardens are filling in so lush and green. I decided to just leave them green and not plant any other flowers there. I really love that cool green looks.

I adore my front porch. We have kept it just as it was built 236 years ago. I miss sitting there in the cold months.

I hang baskets all over the porches. I love the wild look of different flowers and vines combined in wire baskets. Here is an example of my garden recycling. I had some old school desks that were badly damaged and took them apart. I used the legs for plant hanging brackets. They look great and have lasted for years. The more they age the better they look.

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather and getting lots done in your gardens too. I will have some very exciting news on Monday, I can't wait to tell you. Have a fabulous day!

Drop by LUCYS GARDEN for an update on the vegetable container garden today.


  1. SUE DARLIN'!!!

    Oh you hit it on the head: MAGICAL. The gardens this year look fabulous with all the rain we have been getting. Neon green boxwood hedges and VIBRANT BLUE is magical indeed. Your garden looks fantastic! Thank you so much for coming by on our flight to Paris on June 8 via England! Teeeheeee.....i love to pretend. Anita

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your garden with us. I've given in and plan to get a few impatients for the courtyard and hope they make it through the hot hot months. At least I can enjoy your garden and just walk quickly past mine into the garage. I don't want to get negative and be thankful for what I have ... so thanks for sharing your garden.

    Happiness to all.

    PS Love Rufus ... he's a prince in my book !

  3. Oh, your planters and gardens are gorgeous! I love your front porch and wish I were sitting in one of those lovely chairs enjoying the surroundings. I hope you have a wonderful week and I will try to get back here tomorrow for that big news. Hugs to you sweetie!

  4. Beautiful sue, wow I would love to sit on that porch with you too, love the desk legs what a great idea

  5. I love your yard, house and gardens. All so beautiful!

  6. Sun? We are still dreaming about that! Your garden is looking gorgeous. The baskets are very pretty.