Friday, May 18, 2012


When it is a fountain of course. I have always recycled things in my garden. If a chair gets broken it has new life as a planter. Even the broken clay pots go to use at the bottom of other planters. When I saw this lovely old piano being given a second chance as an elegant yet funky garden fountain it just made me smile.

We live in a throw a way society which is just sinful as far as I am concerned. I have tried to get some small appliances repaired and there are no handy men anymore, not here anyway. Things are so cheap and accessible that you just buy a new toaster or coffee pot instead of getting the old one, which still looks perfectly fine, repaired.

Well, at least in the garden you can bring old things back to new with a reincarnation as something else.

How about using an old sink as a fabulous birdbath? Stop by my gardening blog LUCYS GARDEN today for some other great birdbath ideas.

Don't throw away those old utensils give them new life as garden markers.

Old wine bottles make great hanging garden holders.

This is a fabulous idea. You can find old wooden pallets just about anywhere and they can be transformed into a raised garden and much more. Drop by THE MICRO GARDENER for all al the amazing ideas.

Living in farm country there are always tractor tires to be recycled. This is a great idea but if tires aren't your thing go and visit DAILY BUZZ MOMS she has made gardens out of just about everything.

I really like this idea of using an old set of drawers that is either outdated or damaged as a planter. So it only lasts a couple of years because of the moisture from the garden, at least you reused it and it would look really cool.

Even your old garden tools can have a second chance. Look at these cute ideas. I never would have thought about reusing a rake to hold my other tools which I tend to misplace. I am doing this for sure.

So before you toss it away have a look and see if you can repurpose it into your garden. Maybe paint it first but when something is full of flowers or herbs it always looks beautiful. I will leave you today with a picture that has nothing to do with recycling but I just thought it was so cute.

Images from PINTEREST which is also a great way to see some incredible blogs.


  1. This is a flipping awesome post! I absolutely love the piano and the sink, and all of it, to be completely honest. What amazingly fabulous ideas. It makes a magical wonderful fantasy style garden and I think these are beautiful ways to recycle. I've done the tire and wood pallet gardens before, and I do use things from around the house to plant in. Ooo... such fun.

    bright blessings,

  2. There are some really cool ideas in there. Thanks for sharing.


  3. We have a huge national garden walk in our city every summer and I always enjoy seeing all the imaginative ways repurposed items are used in the gardenscape.
    That piano is awesome!!!!!

  4. What Bird said, "flippin awesome post". I will be showing this to hubby as he will flip over it as well!!

    Totally agree with the trend of being a throw-away society. Everyone likes to get on the green wagon and retailers have pounced on it only to create more throw away stuff that has nothing to do at all with being "green". That catch-phrase needs to disappear from marketing strategies!

  5. I LOVE these images. Recycling enlivens the spirit of the world and these are wonderful ideas.