Monday, May 7, 2012


I would love to spend my summer days lounging away on something like this everyday. Unfortunately I never seem to get the time. It amazes me how much I actually do everyday. Between washing the floors, doing the dishes, gardening, trying to finish the screened-in room, reupholster the chairs out there and spend some time with Rufus yesterday I got to thinking.

Would I like to have someone else do all of my gardening so I could just enjoy it?

Would I like someone to do the vaccuming and dishes?

Would I like to have someone else do my laundry and make my bathroom sparkle?

Even though I love to cook would I really want someone else in my kitchen preparing my meals?

And would I like to be chauffered around town to do my bet your sweet bootie I would! Well, maybe just sometimes.

Images from PINTEREST.


  1. Yes wouldn't it be lovely to waste away on a hammock in the shade all summer with a good book, but that is not real life is it! We can dream. Thanks for finding my blog today, and I will be sending you something special for being my 100th follower. Please email me at with your mailing address! thanks also for putting this on your sidebar!

  2. I feel happily certain I could enjoy having someone
    complete each of those tasks once a week, say on
    mid-week each Wed!

    Bliss indeed ~ some freedom while retaining control
    ~ the best of both worlds~ !!

  3. LOL! I am with you. sister! Anyone who wants to clean, cook, garden and chauffeur for me is in. ;-)