Friday, May 4, 2012


It is another beautiful day here. We had a nice Spring rain last night which made everything grow and made the air smell wonderful.

The garden is looking greener but still a little slower coming than last Spring. I have most of the gardens topped off with black soil, I will finish today and get my Herb Garden weeded. We start the Vegetable Garden containers tomorrow.

This is my front porch. Can you believe all of this mess is from one little Robin. She tried for 2 weeks to build a nest on the window sill but of course that is impossible. She kept Luca entertained though. He spent most of the 2 weeks sitting on the cupboard watching her. I hope she has given up. I love birds and they can build their nests anywhere on my property but not actually on the house. Birds get very viscious about their nests.

I finally finished my garden sign. The side facing the road says "Peace Blooms".

The other side is for my babies. It says "Duffy & Pennys Garden". This was their garden, they spent a lot of time here, Duffy was always lying right in the garden beds and I had to shoo him away all the time. I still see them there and I know they are with me when I am working.

As for my new baby, this was Rufus last night. He spent the day chasing squirrels and talking to the neighbour dog Jessie. He loves the cows but those squirrels are his obsession. Well, it is so gorgeous I hate to work I would rather just sit in the garden and read but if I don't do it no one will.

Stop by LUCYS GARDEN. My post from yesterday has a delicious recipe I made for lunch.


  1. Your garden is looked great. I agree about the birds. They have all their nests out in the trees, thank goodness, but they leave their little white trail places where I wish they wouldn't. We have seen two families get their babies up and out. We found one on the ground that didn't make it. Always breaks my heart.

  2. Your garden is looking lovely. I like the sign to Duffy and Penny's Garden, a nice way to remember them.

  3. So lovely! Gardening with our pets is so special!!! You are my kind of girl,

  4. Oh your sweet Rufus is darling! He has had ENOUGH of those birds too! I just came in from doing some fun pruning of my boxwood hedges. I robin was up in the tree watching me, just SQUAWKING AWAY! I evidently was in HER territory! Oh dear, yours made a huge mess!!!!

    Nature is wonderful. I had two large rabbits come watch me prune because this is where they hide! I am fixing it up nicely for them to have shelter from the hawks looming over their heads!

    Thank you dearest for your visit. Now back to my pruning! Anita

  5. Gorgeous garden Sue and your sign brought a tear to my eye. That is so sweet and tender. I love how you have memorialized those babies.

    I cannot get over how much Rufus' coat just shines. Goodness, he is gorgeous and so very sweet. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend sweetie.

  6. I just love your garden sign, so appropriate with the peace sign for your beloved dogs and yourself. What a great way to welcome their spirit!

  7. Darling Sue,

    Thank you SO much for coming by to visit today. It means a lot to me that people visit EACH OTHER and are inspired. HEY! I have a robin that is keeping a nest in my bittersweet vine. Every time I go outside, she is STANDING GUARD and is squawking at me! I best take cover!

    Enjoy the new week! Anita