Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The weather has been perfect for a picnic. When I was little, my grandparents always took us on picnics. Now, I am not talking about the kind you plan and make things ahead, although we did that too, but my grandmother was a very spontaneous woman. We could be sitting around the farm and suddenly she would say "Let's have a picnic".

My grandfather always drove a Station Wagon. Many times we would make a whole day of it. Grampa would make the Lemonade, we would find the sweets, usually cookies, cake and fruit. Sandwiches were made and my Grandmother would get the blanket, picnic basket and thermos ready. Car packed and off we went.

I was a little girl in the late 1960's so there were the beautiful old coolers and wicker and tin picnic baskets. Remember those? What class. My Grandmother had an array of different picnic baskets.

And the picnic dishes! Well, those colours were fabulous. I love the plates with the little dividers, it was like each different food was special. It did not matter where we went. We would drive and my Grandmother would see a spot and tell my Grandfather to pull over. It was usually on the side of the road under a big tree near a farmers field. Out came the blanket and the goodies. We would empty the picnic basket and use it as a little table. We would snack and lounge around, play I Spy and lay on the blanket looking at the blue sky and marshmallow clouds. It was an amazing afternoon adventure.

Before my Grandparents bought their own farm, they use to rent part of a big farmhouse from the farmer up the road from where they would end up living. Mr. Townsend was a dairy farmer. I loved it there. Playing in the fields with the cows. We had a lot of picnics there too. Now, if my Grandfather was at work and my Grandmother wanted a picnic we would pack up a basket and head out to the fields. There always seemed to be bales of hay around so we would pile them together and make a table and chairs ( not quite as fancy as this one) and have a picnic among the cows. We would pick wildflowers and spend the day laughing and playing. Those are memories I will cherish always. Simple life, lovely life.

So let's get back to that simple, lovely life. Pack up the car, planned or not, not is better, and go on an afternoon adventure.

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  1. Oh, it's been awhile since I've had a picnic! Your post brought back some fabulous memories!! I remember also when we would take road trips we would just pull over on the side of the road and sit under a huge tree and have a picnic. I have a picnic basket like the first wicker one you showed! Found it at a yard sale!!


  2. Nothing like a picnic to relax away the day and bring back so many memories thanks for taking us along ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  3. Great post, I too just absolutely love picnics. I drive my Husband crazy, but eevry now and then he will suprise me with his version of a "picnic". I have a tin exactly like the red/tan checkered one and I recognize the old fashioned picnic menu as Susan Branch artwork. MAGICKAL!

  4. Oh Sue, what beautiful memories! I feel as if I just experienced your treasures with you. I have forgotten how much I love picnics myself.