Sunday, June 10, 2012


Rufus ran ahead of us this morning on our walk around the farm so it was just me and Daisy to enjoy a liesurely walk and take some pictures. We started out in the wood.

We had a great time. Daisy just loves it here, she runs through the trees and unlike Rufus who is so dark I can never see him against the green, Daisy sticks out like a sore thumb so I always know where she is. They are getting along great, we are so happy with our babies.

We had a lovely walk around the farm and headed back down to the gardens. We stopped for a break in the gazebo which is about half way back.

I thought I would show you some of my garden ornaments today. I made these cute running bunny signs a couple of years ago.

I use to be a potter and I made a lot for the garden. This Cat and Mouse Birdbath, the Toad House and the Lady Bug House are a few that have survived.

I love Elves and Faeries, hence the name of my blog. I have them peeking out all over the garden, sometimes, after the garden has filled in, I forget where they are and get a little shock once in a while.

When our son got married and we had the Alice in Wonderland Wedding Party, I made all of the big wooden cutout characters ( with the help of my sweet, very patient husband who basically did whatever I asked that summer).
I have the Queen and Rabbit in the studio but I love Alice and the Cheshire Cats ( I have two) in the garden.

In the front gardens I have a lot of rusted pieces. I just love that look. I have two of the guys on top, I got them for the Alice party, they were like the Mad Hatter. The rusted daisies I adore I have three and wish I had bought more. The Bee plaque is really nice too.

I really do love bunnies in the garden, even the real ones. When my lovely daughter-in-law told me she also loved Alice in Wonderland as a Wedding Party theme it just gave me a chance to buy all of the bunnies I could find. I love them and they are everywhere. These are just a few. I also found two of these fabulous flying keys, they fit in perfect and look great now.

I hope you have enjoyed our walk through the garden and that you are all having a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Your yard is heaven to you fur babies!!! So much to explore and smell and chase, LOL!!!


  2. pretty garden pictures. Thanks for sharing Sue.


  3. you have a beautiful garden! I love Alice & the cat esp.!

  4. You have a very beautiful garden, and I love all the art work you have included. It would make me want to linger and take time to enjoy it all.

  5. Kero, Willow and I would love walking with you in your garden!

  6. Your garden statuary is stunning! You are such a gifted artist in so many areas Sue. Beautiful work. I LOVE your property, home and of course, fur babies. Hugs to you always, Mina