Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I recently did a post on how much I adore the colour RED. While researching some photos for the post I came across this lovely picture of drop dead Red Hair. It peaked my interest and I started looking at some other hair colours. They have come a long way with colour. The new colours are vibrant yet powdery soft looking. It got me to thinking about doing something bold to my hair. I have always been quite daring with jewelry, clothing, shoes and decor but very conservative with my hair. I did accidently dye it bright red once.

I love the "New" Silver, Grey and White shades of hair. It does not matter how old you are it seems to be "The" colour right now. I adore the lilac grey shades. I will never have natural grey hair no matter how old I get. Both my grandmother and great-grandmother were in their 80's when they left this earth and at the most they had become salt and pepper and that was just in their very last years. The men in my family are the same. Now my husband and his family are a different story. He and his mother were going grey in their early 30's. In their 40's they were pretty much white. Our son seems to take after our family, not much grey yet anyway.

I mentioned Red, well my idea of red hair is vibrant, out there colour.

Then there are these gorgeous soft blues, aren't they just lovely.

I am not really a pink kind of girl when it comes to clothing. I do like this hair though, it reminds me of cotton candy.

Ooooooo, let's not forget the Lilac and Lavender shades, yummy! But, this is not the shade for me. There is only one that made my heart flutter and here it is.

Lovely, luscious Turquoise! Oh how I adore this colour. Rich, soft, powdery I can really see myself in this colour. I figure you only go around, twice... well perhaps three times in life why not do what you want. After all it is only colour it will come out.

I have found the perfect shade of colour from a salon in England and I am ordering some today. Now before you think I have gone over the edge, I am going to just do some streaks like these first ( although the second picture is blue not turquoise that is the effect I like.) So stay tuned ladies I am really looking forward to having some fun.

Images from PINTEREST.


  1. I've been think about dyeing my ends cotton candy pink. Have fun!

  2. Good Day Sue, interesting post, like the pink hair. Pictures made me smile, good thing. Blessings Francine.

  3. I did once have some highlights that were supposed to be copper, but were actually bright orange. Somehow they made my blonde hair look yellow, and each time I looked in the mirror I found myself singing 'Oranges and Lemons.'

  4. Oh Sue, I LOVE this turquoise! It looks so rich and noble. What a great idea to streak it into your hair. I MUST know how this turns out. You go girl!

  5. Love these colors of hair too. Can't wait to see what you do with yours. I want to do the that turquoise blue. God they would die at work if I did. As soon as I'm self employed, I'm doing it!