Monday, July 2, 2012


My husband has always loved Trailers. Not the big RV's but the old vintage type. He especially likes the Airstream. Myself, not so much.

When I was little my grandparents took us camping or we rented a cottage. I can honestly say the only trailer I have ever been in, and that was only for a few minutes, was one my in-laws had decided to buy. It was one of those big ugly things from the 1970's. You know the kind that is really narrow up the middle with the table that turns into a bed. Uhggggggg! All I ever thought of when someone said they were "going to the trailer for the week" was something like the above pictures. A lot of old trailers in a park that people tried to make look like a weekend home.

After seeing some very cute Vintage Trailers on PINTEREST I am revisiting the idea of getting one. Now, because we live in the beautiful country on a farm, I do not see the point of going to a "Trailer Park" or hitting the road. I would entertain the idea of letting my husband put one of these cuties in the wooded area of the farm.

I am always looking for a new decorating project and I am getting the bug to build or redo something. I could see myself getting an old trailer that needs work and making something cute like this.

How adorable it would be. We could go up there in the afternoon and it would be a home away from home.

No long traffic filled drives, although if I had one of these adorable sets it would be tempting.

So, now the hunt is on for something small and cheap, nothing big like this, but it is lovely. Just a little handy woman's special.

Images thanks to PINTEREST.


  1. I certainly share your view of not being enthralled with trailers but I have to say your photos from pinterest have started to change my mind. I've always wanted a garden shed with a sleeping porch but since we live in a subdivision and I don't garden hubby thinks I'm crazy. I can so envision how I'd decorate it and take naps on the sleeping porch swinging bed in the rain, ect....Now if I could only convince him and the neighborhood assoc that I Need one!

  2. Oh my goodness this is eeerie! Just yesterday my guy was telling me (quite excitedly) about an older vintage-y camping trailer he'd seen. Obviously unused for some time he was intrigued and nearly stopped to ask about it.

    No 'travel/adventure' for him - he wants exactly the same - to set it up as an escape :-) on the farm. Same as you I'm a tad dubious but am warming to the idea I must confess. Could be fun!

    Love your images - (ah the 50's/60's eh?)

    Can't wait to see if he/you find one and likewise I'll keep you posted on the search here lol

  3. Oh I know what you mean. I found an article in a British magazine and fell in love. Now I need the space to park one. If I find any bargains, will let you know.

  4. *sigh* another one of my dreams . . . but my hubby has no interested . . . . I'd love one to take to fleas and sell my wares!!!


  5. My parents have one in their garden. It's a mess now (having not been looked after) and full of junk, but they used to let me play house in there. I'd go in there and read or write too. It's not very big; just a table with two sofa-like chairs (one either side) which can be made in to 2 single beds or a kingsized bed, a couple of cupboards, a sink and a small cooker (which was - of course - never connected to anything during the time I was allowed to play in there). They also had a bigger one with more cupboard space, a small bathroom (and I do mean small) a sofa that could turn in to an extra bed, and a hamock bed. I've slept in a few others though, including one that had a reasonable sized bathroom, a bedroom with a proper double bed, another bedroom with bunk beds in it, and then a table area like in the smaller ones that can be made in to a bed.

    Someone I used to play with when we went to a spacific place (I'm not sure where it was) had one so big it was like a little bungalow on wheels!

  6. Hello, that sounds like a plan, some of those pictures the old trailers were so sweetly decorated. Setting it back in the woods would be great to, just like camping. Blessings Francine.

  7. Some of the vintage ones are gorgeous. I know it goes against the point of them, but I would hate to have one dragging along behind the car, but static on land like yours, it would be perfect.
    We did once get stuck behind one on a tiny, rutted, country lane. It was bouncing all over the place, and I had visions of stuff shattering with every jolt. I could also imagine the atmosphere in the car!!

  8. Well I have a 2007 fancy one that is BIG that I would love to get rid of LOL lived in it for four years, but it is nice and has all the bells and whistles

    I would love one of the vintage ones to do up so I could drag it to shows for people to shop out of, the market I used to set up at a couple had an old air stream they gutted and did a shop in, it was so Neat!!