Friday, August 31, 2012


As many of you know, I lived with my grandparents on their farm when I was growing up. It was a magnificent farmhouse with two huge stained glass doors in the front and doors entering the kitchen from matching porches on either side.

It was the side doors you enter the house from. Every one of these huge doors had it's own skeleton key.

I loved the feel and the sound as you put the big, old skeleton key into the keyhole and turned. You could feel the weight of the lock tumblers as you slowly turned the key. There would be a lovely "thump" and then the loud "click" before the giant door magically opened.

The front doors, which were rarely opened, had a delicate skeleton key. It was very ornate and looked like you could break it if you turned too hard. It hung on a nail above the doors which were directly in front of the staircase. I saw it elegantly hanging there every time I came downstairs.

Being in the antiques business, my grandparents had skeletons keys on rings all over the house. Whenever she went to an auction or farm sale, my grandmother would buy all the old keys, you never knew when you might need one for a cupboard or a trunk.

I still have many of those old keys my grandfather kept on the big key rings. I have them hung around my old farmhouse and I keep one very special on hung on a nail, not above the door, but on the beam in my livingroom where I see it every day.

Oops, I almost forgot.

There is a Blue Moon tonight, our second full moon this month. The night will be charged with postivie energy so ladies get out there and grab some. It is a good night to start something new or repair something old. Whatever you decide to do don't forget to have a peek at this magnificent sight.

Images from PINTEREST.


  1. I love this post! It took me back to my Granny's house where there were 8 doors into the house and every morning Granny opened the doors to let everyone know she was ready to receive visitors. Every night right before supper, she closed one ever came into her house by the 2 front doors...ever but always came around back to her kitchen door. Thanks for helping me remember that!

  2. A great post indeed. I have an old key collection. I love them all.
    I have one that folds in half, and it is about8 inches long. I can't figure out what kind of door it fits.
    This is a wonderous post. I will visit often

  3. Sue, I think skeleton keys are fascinating and I wish we still used them. They are works of art. That's what I think.

    Hearing the stories about your grandmother's house and all the skeleton keys warms my heart.

    Thanks so much for joining in on the party. Please come back next week!


  4. What is it about keys? I love them too. My growing-up house had doors that locked and unlocked with skeleton keys too. We never locked them though. The keys were always just stuck there in the key hole, until one of my younger siblings took them out to play with and lost them.

    I buy keys whenever I find them for sale. It is good to meet you!

  5. I lived with my grandmother for a long time after my Dad died. All the doors in her house were opened with skeleton keys. I liked playing with them.
    Smiles, Dottie

  6. Those keys are beautiful and I love that you have those great memories about them. I have a few skeleton keys that I've collected. They are great to decorate with.

  7. What great memories and how lovely to include the skeleton keys into your own home.

  8. Such beautiful fond memories. My husband's grandparent's front door still had a skeleton key when I met him. Unfortunately, his grandmother had already passed and his grandfather shortly after we started dating, but that key still brings treasured memories. You are taking me down such tender lanes today, my dear friend. Thank you for the warmth.