Saturday, August 4, 2012


Do you ever really have a good look at a door? I love old doors, they have such character. So many are just tossed aside now in favour of a new door. Perhaps the old one has a few cracks or is not keeping out the drafts anymore. Instead of just throwing them away why not repurpose them. They are a great surface to paint on. The gorgeous Flower Door would look amazing anywhere.

Old doors make fabulous headboards. You would have something no one else had.

And tables. How fantastic are these! You get a great old door, which are usually really big and thick and just add some legs and a glass top for a dining table. Outside I would just leave it as is.

How about a wall of doors, I'd feel like Alice in Wonderland. What a fantastic mirror, I actually never thought of doing that.

Outside doors make a great entrance to a garden and a beautiful swing.

You can hardly find old hall benches so why not create your own.

You would never know this cute bench did not come from an old church.

I just love this. How pretty is this shelf. It would look so cute in any home.

So why not repurpose an old door. The best thing is they are usually free is someone has replaced theirs or they are very cheap at a wreckers too.

Images from PINTEREST.


  1. Sue - you have given me so much inspiration. I have a couple of old doors. I'm making a potting bench out of one but didn't know what to do with the other. Now I have too many ideas!!!

    BTW - your package was put in the mail yesterday. Let me know when you receive it. The mug should be ok - I wrapped it in bubble wrap but let me know. J

  2. These are all such great ideas. I really like the wall of doors, that is really fun.

  3. Sue, another excellent post -
    IMHO it's a tragedy that the all too commonplace mindset is to 'toss' the old. Repurpose, rethink, reclaim seems to have at best fallen out of common practice and at worst older items are disdained ~ 'new' being a standard of status. (of course not everyone, everywhere, but it is pervasive).

    I'm 'oft times driven insane seeing local remodeling in progress or viewing HGTV when they sledge hammer beautiful old cabinets, doors, windows, screen doors, garage doors.
    Old pieces or even simple but sturdy pieces (that could be free-cycled or craigslisted) simply destroyed. So much waste. Not to mention with windows, doors, cabinets, built-ins, lead glass, hinges it's history that's lost as well ~ without even an opportunity for such pieces to find use - (or save money in these hard times) Instead, just right into the skiff! aaarrggghhhhh!

    LOL Guess it's easy to tell I agree with you whole heartedly about beautiful (and/or functional) bits having more than one cycle of life, ...

    Good for you, calling attention to the grand possibilites of the 'old and discarded' - such beauty (and/or money saving possibilities) just waiting and hoping to be discovered and saved and used!

    Shutting up now :-)

  4. Hello Sweet Sue, Love Love this old door post, great idea`s for those wonderful old pieces.The yellow door table is so prim perfect, love it so. Thanks once again for a great post, Blessings Francine.

  5. Oh Sue, I LOVE these images and I must tell you I have a "thing" for doors as well. Well, I may have already told you that at some point so I suppose I am just enforcing it now. ;-) People are so creative in their uses of old doors. Thank you for the wonderful ideas. Hugs!