Wednesday, September 5, 2012


It was a wet day today but I still had to go out. I was in Chapters book store picking up a book for a gift when a heavenly aroma wafted my way. I do not usually buy coffee when I am out because I am a little particular about my coffee, but Starbucks, which is in Chapters, beckoned me to have a cup.

It was quite delicious although by the time I paid for mine, my husband's and one of the delicious Molasses Cookies, which I could not resist, I could have bought a pound of my favourite organic mountain grown coffee.

Now, normally, and I would say 90% of the time, I am a tea drinker.

There is just something about a pot of tea. Tea, to me anyway, seems more delicate and lady like, although I know many men who only drink tea.

When I think of tea I think of a lovely pot, a plate of little cookies and sandwiches and a warm day.

I thought this saying was very appropriate to the making of tea.

As I drank my coffee today, I thought of the way I held the cup. With tea, I always seem to cup it in both of my hands, very comforting.

Yet I hold my coffee like this. I don't know why but I do hold them both differently.

I did not drink coffee for many years. I discovered the French Press and loved that it took time to actually make it myself instead of in a coffee maker. There was something exotic about the process. Putting the freshly ground coffee in the pot, covering it with boiling water then giving it a stir and that aroma filling your senses with that cup to come. The you finally plunge the plunger and Voila! delicious, rich coffee.

I think that perhaps the reason coffee is considered a morning beverage is because of the aroma. I mean you cannot smell a pot of tea but there is just something enticing about the aroma of piping hot coffee when you wake up.

And let us not forget the other hot beverage...chocolate.

When I drink hot chocolate I only have it in the winter because it makes me think of this.

And this.

And I hold my cup much like my teacup, with both hands......hmmmmmm, I wonder what a therapist would say about that.

Because I don't drink Hot Chocolate everyday in the winter I treat it more like a dessert. How do you like yours? Marshmallows?

Or Whipped Cream?

Or are you a purist? I actually love it just like this. I got hooked on Mexican Hot Chocolate last winter, it is a little spicy with chili and cinnamon.

So what is you hot drink of choice? Perhaps it is not any of these but one of the Lattes or Cappaccinos, don't get me started because those choices are ridiculously endless.

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  1. The shameful truth is, when it comes to coffee, I drink instant! If I drink ground coffee I have to have it very weak. I don't like tea (this from an English woman!) and I feel I should like hot chocolate, but I don't.

  2. I love my coffee and I just now had a cup of hot chocolate! I'm pushing it, but I figure it's September!