Monday, September 3, 2012


It has been a long and glorious summer here. We have enjoyed every moment of it and it is not over yet even though it is September.

It is Labour Day and of course for many with children who are of school age it is the beginning of another school year. I remember when our son would go back to school on that first day, it was my day to take back the house. I would make a tea and just sit on the porch in the quiet and do nothing for the morning.

For those of us who's children are grown or who do not have any I think Labour Day has a different meaning. It signifies the beginning of a new season, a time of change, for me a time to decorate and celebrate.

As the mornings get slightly cooler and the evenings a little shorter my mind turns to heartier meals, soups, pumpkins, the bounty of the garden. I embrace each season with the thoughts of decorating and cooking. My mind is always a few months ahead when it comes to this. I am already planning my Thanksgiving meal ( which is October here) and Halloween.

I look forward to sitting around the fire with a hot cup of something listening to the night. We did not have any fires this summer it was too dry.

There is just something about Fall in the country. I am surrounded by Farmers Markets brimming with the vegetables of the season just begging to be brought home and turned into delectable dishes.

My flowers were fabulous this summer but as they get a little less everyday I envision lush orange pumpkins resting in the yard with the burnt orange, vibrant yellow and deep maroon mums filling the pots.

Then of course there are the Fall Fairs. They will be starting soon. Who will win the biggest zucchini this year? What new flavours of honey will be there?

My favourite place at the Fairs are the barns with the different breeds of cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens. I love the chickens, so many different pretty birds. They remind me of Super Models getting ready for the runway.

And this September I have the added bonus of hosting my GYPSY TEA & TAROT PARTY for the dogs from RESCUE DOGS MATCH. Everything is going really well, tickets are selling and so many lovely people from Etsy and my Blog are sending things to put into the Raffle baskets. If all goes according to plan it will be an annual event. I plan on doing it in the Spring for Beltane and in the Autumn for Mabon, which is where this one happened to fall.

Well, I am getting ahead of myself but the days do fly by so I plan as I go. For all of you out there who are starting a new school year, have a cup of tea and enjoy the quiet for a while tomorrow and to everyone Happy September!

Images from PINTEREST.


  1. The pumpkins coming down the steps look really great.

  2. I still remember (SOME) of the poem "September", you quoted in your blog. We had to memorize it and recite it to our teacher when I was in grade 6.
    (That was in the 60's!) It was the first time a poem really spoke to me - Fall being my favorite season!
    The gentian's bluest fringes are curling in the sun, in dusty pods the milkweed it's hidden silk has spun...

  3. Wishing you a glorious and festive September and autumn season. I, too, have my mind already leaning in toward the fall festivities and changes in nature. I hope you have a beautiful week ahead, my lovely friend. Happy Labor Day and hugs to you always. Mina

  4. Happy September Sue, love this month,like you my thoughts turn to hearty meals, pumpkins, sweaters and warming up the house. Enjoyed the pictures you posted,Blessings Francine.

  5. Happy September to you too! Those chickens remind me of the momeraths from Alice in Wonderland. So cute!