Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It seemed like overnight everything has changed.

The countryside has turned from green and summer pastels to rich reds, golds and pumpkin oranges.


My mind is on Fall decorating, inside and out. Pumpkins, crows, harvest coloured corn and leaves everywhere.

I adore using pumpkins in my Fall decor. They are perfect because you can go from Autumn decorating to using them for Halloween. As you may remember from last Fall and Halloween, I discovered many different types of pumpkins. I love the white ones and cannot wait to use the Cinderella pumpkins this season.

I have also discovered these lovely handmade pumpkins which are suppose to be quite easy. I have seen them from recycled sweaters, velvet, burlap and now these cute grungy ones from PATTERN MART, you can buy the pattern online and get creative with whatever fabric you want.

So grab some of Nature's Harvest bounty, nuts, cranberries, apples, pumpkins, corn & leaves and fill your home with the jewel tones of the Fall Season.                                                                              

Oh, let us not forget the Autumn flowers.  Sunflowers and mums make gorgeous fall dislpays inside and out.   And enjoy some Fall Feasts outside too while the weather is still so lovely.                                                                                                                                            


  1. The autumn colours are lovely. Here they are also very wet, as the rain is back!

  2. Hooray for Autumn! Such a beautiful post and lovely images. I always decorate for Halloween and leave those pumpkins, gourds, fall flowers, leaves and everything else I can think of, out until the Yuletide season begins. The holidays are such a blessed time. Warmest hugs to you! Mina

  3. Hi Sue, wonderful warm post, love all those pictures. Yes, pumpkins are Falltastic, have them all over, inside and out. Enjoy Autumn, so short and sweet,Blessings Francine.