Tuesday, October 30, 2012


One day! Just one tiny day left until Halloween. It came so fast I did not get enough time to do everything, like make some spooky throw pillows.

I love the Trick or Treat ones and these silhouettes are lovely.

How gorgeous! I have to find that Spooky fabric.

Jack has always been a favourite of mine or perhaps a little Hocus Pocus.

These all look so simple to make but I think I may just go a little batty next Halloween.

How wonderfully festive with the black, orange and white. Love the Trick Treat and the 31.

I think I will leave the chairs on the porch for Halloween next time and cover them with delicous pillows.

Whether elaborate or simple I think these Halloween pillows add the finishing touch to any decor.

And what a perfect chair to put one of these pillows in. What can I say about this hauntingly charismatic beauty. It takes my breath away. If I had this chair I would be the Queen of Halloween.

I don't know how far you go on All Hallows Eve but when we did stay home I always had a little spooky dinner to set the mood.

These tables are simply fabulous. I could sit down to a little Eye of Newt Soup at any one of them.

Or perhaps a romantic dinner either outside, depending on where you live or a dark, delightful midnight feast.

Now how about something a little special for the Trick or Treaters. A pretty table full of goodies would be so lovely.

I adore this idea and so easy. You could just use some fabric or a cheap black sheet. Set it up near you front door and let the littles ones pick their own treats.

If you don't get many Trick or Treaters why not have your friends and their kids gather out your house for an early or late treat table full of goodies.

And let's not forget the adults. While the kids are out haunting the streets (supervised of course) the mommies and daddies can get together for some delicous big kid treats of their own.

Whatever you decide to do I hope you have a wonderfully spooky Halloween and brace yourself........their coming!


  1. Love the pillows and that CHAIR!!!!

    I'm getting ready to watch Hocus Pocus!!!!

    Watch out for things that go bump in the night!!


  2. So many gorgeous pillows, I wouldn't mind a few of those myself.The tables look wonderful, but those table legs are just brilliant, so iconic.

  3. Happy Halloween Sue.......wonderful wicked post......love the chair.....everything looks great.....Blessings Francine.🎃

  4. I love the pillows, so many nice ones. Happy Samhain.

  5. I want that chair!!!! How spookily beautiful it is! All of the pillows are gorgeous as well and makes me want to make some too...or at least go buy some! lol The table settings are so much fun. Loved this post:-)

    Here's a little poem I'm sharing with everyone today...

    This is Halloween

    Goblins on the doorstep,
    Phantoms in the air,
    Owls on witches' gate posts,
    Giving stare for stare.

    Cats on flying broomsticks,
    Bats against the moon,
    Stirring round of fate-cakes,
    With a solemn spoon.

    Whirling apple parings,
    Figures draped in sheets,
    Dodging, disappearing,
    Up and down the streets.

    Jack-o'-lanterns grinning,
    Shadows on a screen,
    Shrieks and starts and laughter--
    This is Halloween!

    Happy Halloween to you and yours!! xo