Monday, October 29, 2012


Usually on Halloween we make popcorn and settled in for a night of Scary movies. Since our little baby was born we spend Halloween at our sons to help out with her while my son ( who loves to scare the kids) and his wife do the Halloween treats so I have been catching up on all of my Halloween movies for the past week.

Last night I shut off all of the lights, lit the candles and lanterns and we snuggled in to watch "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter." It started out really well and Rufus Sewell plays the head vampire so that was reason enough for me to watch it. It is beautifully shot but I must admit it got a bit slow and I fell asleep. I will watch the end tonight.

I almost forgot to put out my favourite primitive Halloween decoration. This was one of the first vintage pieces I ever bought. Because it is large and delicate I keep it in the closet so until I went in there the other day I completely forgot about it. I just love this whirlygig with it's moon, cat and twirling ghosts and witches.

When I was little and went trick or treating, I always loved to get a treat bag. Usually they were filled with little candies, maybe a small chocolate bar and gum. We never did get many trick or treaters because we are so far out in the country but I always liked to make special treat bags. Now my daughter-in-law makes them.

Depending on how many little ones you get at your door you could make some very cute bags. Like these adorable polka dot ones.

These potato stencil bags are so cute and a nice project for you kids. Cheap too, just potatoes, brown paper bags and paint.

These wicked witch bags would be so nice for your own kids or grandkids.

These pumpkins from Martha Stewart would be nice for a Halloween Party or if you have some special kids in you neighbourhood you like to do a little something for.  They are quite easy just crepe paper and floral tape.

I just love these too. You can buy the coloured bags, stamps and construction paper at any craft store.

How cute are these. Black bags and lovely tags I would like one for Halloween!

You can buy some really sweet ready made bags too like these striped ones from THE TOM KAT SHOP.


So it's not too late to get a little creative if you have the time but whatever you do you will be invaded by little ghost, goblins and witches in around 48 hours.


  1. I love the 1st treat bag!
    I'm so bummed this year, I love Halloween but I've been ill (not too sure what it is, need to have tests next week -eek)
    So I haven't done anything Halloweeney
    So I'm loving seeing your posts

  2. Oh ~ I love all the samples of trick or treat bags and ideas!
    I really love the I scream one ~ where do you find that one???
    We had trick or treating at our house last night ~ oh the fun!!!
    Prim Blessings
    PS ~ love your Halloween decor!

  3. The whirlygig is a lovely piece; I would look forward to Halloween for that alone!
    I like the idea of the bags. We get very few trick or treaters here. A couple of years ago, Freya spent ages decorating and not a soul turned up!

  4. I love your decor..everything about it. You have wonderous ideas.
    You're oh so talented.

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