Sunday, November 25, 2012


I finally got the last Christmas decorating done yesterday, the tree. I will post pictures tomorrow.

I have had many different Christmas trees. We use to have a real one but the thought of a living tree being cut down for a few weeks made me switch to artificial. I liked the really big ones, they looked great but took up a lot of space.

I decorated them very pretty and traditional. I also put up several smaller trees, which I still do, to hang the special ornaments like the ones our son made in school over the years.

A couple of years ago I found a smaller tree I really liked ( not quite this small). It is tall and narrow with lots of pine cones and vines. It looks pretty real. I had my husband build me a square stand that it sits it to make it secure and taller. I wanted the narrow one so I could have it in the kitchen. I just loved it there. You could see it from the livingroom but it was so cozy in the kitchen with the woodstove fire. Then my cat Luca came into our lives and the tree was just too tempting for him to climb so into the livingroom it went.

This season I had considered getting a different tree. Although I still love my tree the branches are getting a bit droopy and because I wanted to decorate more Scandinavian this year I thought maybe a different shaped tree would be nice for a change. My son got a little upset because he said he really like the old tree. I could not find anything I like anyway so my cute little tree is up again this year.

I have also made some Christmas trees of my own too. I like to make the shape out of different things. One year I did a traditional feather tree. I love these ideas. The wooden one  would look great in my studio which is very Scandinavian. The blocks are cute for the Christmas table so are the candles.

I don't think there are any rules about how to decorate your Christmas tree. I have seen trees done in just about every medium. I think they all look lovely whether over the top and themed...

ornate and elegant...

ultra modern....

I even like the edible ones.

It is all a matter of personal taste and that is what I like about Christmas trees, like snowflakes no two are alike!


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of your tree and decorations:-) I've been busy decorating the house as well, although I haven't put up my tree yet. This year I've decided I want a real tree in the living room so will go get one next week. I've used an artificial one for many, many years but with my son Corey & his new wife Kristin coming to spend Christmas here, I decided a real tree was in order:) I decorate mine with vintage ornaments. I have put up my pink tree in my bedroom which I've decorated with faeries and I'm thinking of putting one downstairs in the recroom and decorate it with all my Hallmark ornaments. Sheesh, I have enough ornaments to decorate a dozen trees! lol

    Love all the photos you found for your post, so many wonderful ideas!! xox

  2. I don't mean to sound mean, but the artificial trees use up way more natural resources than one fir tree... I was totally in to getting one, or getting a small real one with the root system intact (to replant it after Christmas) but I read up on it, and unfortunately there is no real "good" way to have a Christmas tree :(

  3. I myself have to have a real tree, always have, always will....we take them to the park after Christmas and they mulch them and you can take the mulch for your yard, I feel better that people can use the tree at least......Love the smell of pine to, even the messy needles.....can't stand the fakes.......But do enjoy all different decorated trees, waiting to see your's Sue.......How is Aticus doing????? Blessings Francine.

  4. These are all beautiful...can't wait to see yours later..It is cold enough to snow here, but no snow yet...I'm not looking forward to shoveling my way out of my front door yet.

  5. So many good ideas, perhaps I should invest in a few more styles and dot them all around the house.
    Now, I wonder if my hairdresser could do that style for me?