Friday, November 16, 2012


I am half way through my Christmas decorating and I was unwrapping my grandmother's ornaments and thought I needed a little break so here is a quick post today.

I am lucky enough to be the caretaker of my grandmother's vintage Christmas decorations. I say caretaker because these will be passed on to future generations, I hope, who will love them and their history as much as I do. I have many like these pictured. Each one means something to me. I take my time upwrapping them because they are so fragile that I have lost some by just holding them too tightly.

I have several of these beautiful finials. I never knew they were actually tree toppers, my grandmother hung them from the tree. I hang mine on a wire across my bookcase where they are safe.

These little birds were my grandmother's favourites. I have seven of them that I hang on a miniature tree with her other smaller ornaments.

When I received the ornaments there were several packages of tinsel. Actually I despise tinsel! Its was the bain of my holidays when my son was little. He loved to put it on the tree and it stuck to everything. The cats were always eating it too. Does anyone even use it anymore? I cannot remember seeing any in the stores.

I have a set of these NOEL's but mine are little girls and the L is broken off but I still adore them.

I display the little vintage decorations on a small tree but the larger ones fill a huge antique wooden bowl. They look fabulous on the table with the twinkling lights. I would never take a chance of putting them on a tree just in case.

 I am trying out a Christmas blog background, I don't know if I like this one, what do you think?

Images from PINTEREST.


  1. So lucky to be the caretaker of your Grandmothers beautiful ornaments.
    My sister still puts tinsel on her tree ~ I don't like it ~ my cat eats it too!
    Not sure about the background on my comupter I can't see much ~ but what I can see I like candy cane stripes!
    Happy Weekend!
    Prim Blessings

  2. All of my Christmas tree ornaments are vintage like yours but mine were not my grandma's, I bought them at auctions and off eBay:-) I can well imagine how every one of those ornaments holds a special memory for you!! Tomorrow I'm going to take out my plastic totes and start to "deck my own halls"! lol

    I'm one of the few who does still put "icicles" in my tree:-) To me, my tree isn't finished until I put it on!

    I'm loving your Christmas background:-) I've just changed my own blog background and header to a more Christmassy one. Fun times:-) xox

  3. Evening Sue, lucky you to be the caretaker of the vintage Christmas ornaments that your Grandma once used, so wonderful, they are priceless........I also started decorating, but try for a more primitive Christmas look but do enjoy my collections of vintage goodies......Blessings Francine.

  4. I think the background is jolly and fun. I like it!
    Aren't the old decorations the best? I have a few of the birds that are priceless to me. Like you I plan to pass them along to the younger generation. Some of the decorations date back almost 100 years. I hope they, like yours, have a few more Christmases left.


  5. I loved seeing all your grandmother's ornaments! You are very lucky to have had them passed down to you. I only have 4 of my grandma's ornaments & I treasure them more than I can express.

  6. These are beautiful, and how wonderful that these decorations will continue to get passed through the generations.

  7. I don't know how I missed this post..I love it all.

    I really like this background...very nice.