Thursday, November 15, 2012


You have heard me mention the "Christmas Cupboard" in other posts, well here it is. It has officially been opened today which means I must start to decorate the house. My goal is to be completely done, tree and all, by Sunday.

 I finally finished outdoors yesterday. I made 15 evergreen bunches tied with candy cane ribbon and hung them along the fence. I will show some pictures later in the week. The dogs were a great help, all three of them walking at my heels as I worked.

As you can see, I did not exaggerate the overbrimming cupboard. I am trying to scale down this Christmas on decor but every piece I take out is special. That may sound crazy but I just love Christmas and all the sparkle and wonder of ornaments.  I feel like a little kid again as I take each one of my grandparents pieces out and place them just so.

Besides the Christmas Cupboard here is one of 3 blanket boxes I also have filled to the top. Mind you I don't use everything in these there are a lot of mementos I just can't part with right now but one day I will distribute them amongst the family or just give them away.

 So, you can see what I am doing over the weekend, I hope whatever you have planned today you have a good time doing it and some nice weather.


  1. That is a very full cupboard! A few years ago my dad gave me some of the tree decorations we had on our family tree when I was a child. When I open the box I am instantly transported back to my childhood.

  2. It will be so much fun...I can't wait ti see your home..

  3. I spy some wonderful Santas on the second shelf ;O)
    Looking forward to your Christmas magic!

  4. You are my kind of gal in loving Christmas the way you do:-) Your cupboard and blanket boxes are definitely filled with treasures and I can understand how you can't get rid of anything, it's the same with me where Christmas decorations are concerned!! I look forward to seeing pictures of your house all decorated. xox