Friday, January 25, 2013


I have two Etsy Shops, Lucy's Garden and Wicked Faerie Queen. I have had them for a couple of years now and finally I have been getting some regular sales. But I have a problem........a costly one!

There seems to be a big problem with the postal service. In Canada we cannot get tracking for small packages, apparently that is changing soon but then so is the shipping cost. Over Christmas four of my orders got lost in the post. That means not only did I have to refund the orders but my customers did not get what they wanted for Christmas. Even though it is the fault of the post office it looks bad on me too.

Lost packages are not the only problem. For some reason it can take up to 3 weeks to get a package from Canada to the U.S. and vice a versa.

You would think it was being delivered this way..........that was probably more reliable!

Now, I just don't get it. I take the time to wrap my packages very neatly and large enough and I clearly print on the front. I drop them off at the post office and trust that they will be safe. Even if I charged the customer the price for tracking ( which in Canada almost triples the price) they cannot guarantee anything and proving the package got lost is a matter of national security.

There is nothing worse than ordering something that is handmade and waiting day after day and then it never comes. I am at a loss. My husband says it is not worth it and to give up my shops but I love to do my art and I love my shops.

And the late mail problem is not only from country to country, I have sent things within Canada that take weeks. I can only hope that things improve, you would think after all these years the post office would run like a well oiled clock!


  1. Italy is WORSE!!! I find that manilla envelopes travel faster for some reason! However, postage is another thing. One reason I am doing less swaps . . . . .


  2. Morning Sue, ya, what the heck!!!!! takes forever to get anything in the mail be it sent in Canada, the States.....somethings gotta give, maddening but love the pictures on your post, Francine.

  3. I agree, the photos in this post are wonderful. I've had the same problem with the post here in the states and it seems like it's getting worse.

  4. Our postal service is getting to be the same way. I do send packages to other countries, but like you said, no tracking, I always worry if they will get there. So far, everything ok. I hope you don't close up shop, hopefully things will get better.

  5. "Who dat kitty cat?" What an adorable picture.

    The post office and their rates are out of control.


  6. Oh, I am so sorry Sue. This is just horrible because it puts you in a bad situation that you have no control over. Hang in there sweetie.

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  8. I'm very sorry to hear that. Four orders, that's quite a lot. Not only is it costly, it's also time-consuming as well and eats up profits. I hope you get better luck with your shipping, since it's a shame if you get discouraged selling your items due to issues like this. I'm curious though, don't most delivery companies have a tracking number?

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