Sunday, January 27, 2013


 I had my favourite breakfast this morning. Tea with toast and jam.


 I just love hot buttered toast with homemade jam. If I do not have any homemade jam my favourite jam is from France. It is called St. Dalfour and it is so delicious. I had the peach today with big chunks of fresh peaches. I love the Blueberry, loads of tiny blueberries fill the tall jar. They have lots of flavours you should try them they are available in most grocery chains in Canada and I am sure you can find them in the U.S. too.

 There is something so comforting about a steaming cup of tea with toast and jam. It is one of those things that takes me back to childhood.

 So delicious and simple. I can have it day and night. It is the perfect food.

Forget the Eggs Benedict or Waffles when you have people over for breakfast or brunch. Serve a selection of homemade jams in little pots with rustic, country toasted breads and lashes of fresh butter.

 Not all jams are time consuming. Try this quick jam recipe from SAVORY SWEET LIFE it's fast and delicious and easy even if you have never made jam before.

Another simple jam is Freezer Jam. There is a simple recipe here at ALL RECIPES.COM

                                Images from PINTEREST and ME!


  1. Oh ya,nothing beats good ole toast, morning , noon and me it's the ultimate comfort food...Yummy post, now I have a date with the toaster, Francine.

  2. Oh you inspired me to have my favorite breakfast of cinnamon toast and tea this morning. I love the crisp of the bread and sugar with the buttery cinnamon underneath. Pure bliss!