Sunday, February 24, 2013


It is that time of year again, The Oscars.  I am a huge film fan.  I have watched the Oscars since I can remember.  It was always a magical night, a night when all of the golden people gathered dressed in their best frocks and suits to see which one of their peers would bring home the little gold man.

This is a lack luster year for me.  Don't get me wrong, I love movies.  I am one of those rare people left who likes to see films in the theatre.  I still get a thrill when the lights go down and the screen lights up the room.  The previews leading up to the main event....I love it!

This year, however, I have not seen one of the nominated films.  Why you may ask, well frankly they do not interest me that much.

I have read the Life of Pi and enjoyed it but I don't think I would want to see it on the big screen.

Les Meserables, come on how may times will this be done.

Lincoln, I don't know I am getting a little Daniel Day Lewis overload the past few years.

Django, no thanks.

Zero Dark Thirty and Argo, I am sure they are good but a little intense for me.

Silver Linings Playbook,  these two actors have been in every movie the past couple of years haven't they?

I don't know enough about Beasts of the Southern Wild to have an opinion but it is probably good as is Amour although very sad.

Now for the actual show, the big event.  I am sorry but by the time the Oscars actually come I am so tired of Awards Shows.  Is it me or are there a lot more than there used to be?  I am bored with seeing the same actors over and over, the same critiques of the clothes.

The other thing I really dislike is the Red Carpet Walk or should I say Cattle Run.  When I was little I remember the elegance of the Red Carpet.  The stars making their way gracefully down the carpet , crowds cheering and being interviewed by someone like Army Archerd and I never recall anyone asking "Who are you wearing?"

Now it is just not enjoyable to watch.  The actors being hustled from interviewer to interviewer it must be so frustrating for them to be herded like that.

What happened to the glamour?

Then there is the fashion.  Oh, I miss the beauty of the Oscars.  The simple, lovely gowns that would float around the ankles of the stars.  So pretty and magical.

Now every once in a while they do get it right.  It is usually the real stars who have the best taste.  They know how to bring the glamour to the red carpet.

This is horrendous!  Okay Angelina we know you have legs, tuck it in and have a little decorum.

 Then there is the "pose".  They were talking about this on "CBS This Morning" today.  I recall actresses walking the Red Carpet and having their pictures taken as they walked.  The past few years there is this pose that most of them do, you know the one, hand on hip or, if the back of the dress looks good, the over the shoulder.  It is like watching a bunch of robots.  Click, pose, click, pose.

As for the actual show, I miss the really good hosts.  I know Billy Crystal is a favourite because of his little skits but I really miss Bob Hope and Johnny Carson.  They brought a dry, intelligent wit to the programm, they were a joy to watch.

Frankly, I want to see the show, I don't care about the skits, just host already.  I care about who wins, and yes, what they wear although I really don't care who they wear.

I may sound a little jaded and perhaps I am.  I hold out hope for future Academy Awards.  They keep changing them, new producers needing to get the viewing numbers up.  There was a time when it was the most watched programm around the world, perhaps that would be the case if there were less awards programms before hand.

I will still watch, who knows maybe it will surprise me this year!


  1. Hi Sue, I agree, don't even watch the Oscars much anymore..Francine.

  2. Sue, I started to watch it and I am sorry to say that I fell asleep. I too have watched it many years in a row. Styles are copied and copied some more... Then there is the Joan Rivers and company review....well most of the time the channel gets turned. Can't see reviewing the gowns again with a little dirt thrown in again. Is it really that important?
    I agree with you.
    I remember when the stars were really stars...and there was really good clean humor. Oh much for TV in 2013.

    Thank you for sharing.