Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 Well, good morning everyone.  It has been quite a night here in Southern Ontario.  We had wet, sloppy snow all night and this is what we woke up to.

It is hard to believe but these are pictures from my March 15th. post last year.  Wow, I remember it was so warm we got the furniture out and had breakfast on the back porch.  I wonder if there is any hope that the weather will change so drastically that there is any chance it will be like this again. 

Thought I would do a little catch up on what has been going on around here.

As you know it was my little peanuts 2nd birthday on the weekend.  Her mommy dressed her in a  lovely pink dress.  After her presents, we got her a Minnie Mouse Kitchen which she loved, she changed into her "Quinn" clothes and had a ball.  Oh, I love this baby!

She is right into Dora now so I made her a Boots cake and a Backpack cake.  She really liked Boots.

I worked on the baskets for the GIRLS NIGHT OUT FUNDRAISER which is this weekend!  They turned out great with all of the donations from such lovely people.  I am just waiting for two more places to send their things and I can wrap them up.  I will be doing a big post the day after the Fundraiser to let you know how it turned out and to give some well deserved thank yous.  I have to bake today, lots of chocolate!

Well, we are caught up and I will leave you with a picture of my garden last June.  Oh sun please show you shiny face soon.


  1. They just grown up way toooo fast don't they. We had wet snowy sloppy weather too.


  2. "They" promised us that spring was arriving this week, but we still have snow over here too.
    Though we did catch some rays today, first time in weeks!

  3. Oh my...what a special sweetie. So very cute.

    We had a very messy snow fall. 6 inches of wet heavy snow...Please check my blog.. It's a Winter Wonderland here, but spring is in the air...I can feel it.

  4. Tell me about this "Girls night out Fundraiser"??? It sounds like a wonderful idea! As for your weather, it's 51 degrees here in Texas, I think I'll just stay here, it looks too darn cold there!!! Great post!-xoxo cindy

  5. Well if it doesn't get sunny soon ~ bring Quinn over to play with the puppies. ;)